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May the Fourth Star Wars Characters Quiz

By April 20, 2018August 2nd, 2022Blog, Events

At Innovative Pediatric Dentistry, when it comes to our favorite things, of course, smiles are number one but Star Wars is pretty high up there on the list too. Who doesn’t wish they could travel to “a galaxy far, far away?” Plus, Naperville is home to some serious fans. The Naperville Public Library’s 95th Street branch even hosts a hugely popular annual Star Wars Day of its own in September. Well, this year, we’ll be commemorating Stars Wars Day, May the fourth, at the office.

We want our patients to come dressed up as their favorite Stars Wars characters on Friday, May the 4th and the entire IPD team will do the same for some “May the 4th be with you” fun. Or, considering we’re Naperville pediatric dentists, “May the floss be with you” is probably more accurate.

To get into the May the fourth spirit a little early this year, we’ve created a Stars Wars characters quiz. The answers are at the end so you can check how many you got right. Let’s see how your knowledge stacks up!

May the Fourth Star Wars Quiz

1. I have a ship called Millennium Falcon. My trusty (but extremely hairy) companion and I are known as rebels throughout the galaxy. I had some issues with Jabba and we didn’t get along. I was even frozen once and he used me as a decoration in his palace. Once I thawed out, I helped defeat the Empire. Unfortunately, my son wasn’t the nicest guy and things didn’t end well between us. Who am I?

2. I’m all about the Resistance and some might say I’m a rebel. I was pretty surprised when I found out I had a twin brother and even more shocked to learn who my father was. Thankfully, I didn’t follow in dad’s footsteps. Even when battling the dark side and saving the guys, my hair always looks awesome. Who am I?

3. I might be really cute but don’t let that fool you, I’m super powerful, quite the Jedi Master and handy with a lightsaber. Your English teacher probably wouldn’t love my sentence structure but, hey, I was a teacher myself and I battled the dark side for about 900 years, so I think I get a pass. Who am I?

4. I chose a life of crime and I’m not well liked though I do tend to befriend bounty hunters. I constantly get in scuffles with those pesky Rebels. When I’m not busy capturing people, I love to eat. Who am I?

5. I used to live on a farm but after the Imperial stormtroopers turned my life upside down, I went on a mission to rescue a princess and ended up destroying the Death Star. I was shocked when I found out who my dad really was but on a positive note, my long lost sister turned out to be pretty cool. Who am I?

6. I’m a tall fellow and some may call me a little hairy but I prefer to think of myself as having long, luxurious locks. You can usually find me by Han’s side protecting him (he did save my life after all) and helping him man the Millennium Falcon. Who am I?

7. When I first met Luke, I was spending a lot of time alone. But that quickly changed. I love mentoring those Skywalkers and showing them the ways of the Jedi. Sometimes, I just appear out of thin air and give Luke messages. Who am I?

8. I’m extremely smart, an etiquette expert and speak a ton of languages. Even though I can be a worrywart, I’ve been involved in plenty of the big moments in galactic history. While I’ve been rebuilt here and there, most people know me for my fancy sheen. My BFF is short, stubby and about half my size. Who am I?

9. I started off with good intentions but I was lured to the dark side and things really went downhill from there. I’m so ruthless, I even fought with my own kids and tried to convince my son to join me in my bad guy ways. However, I redeemed myself by saving my son and now my spirit gets to hang out with Obi-Wan and Yoda. Who am I?

10. I’m a resourceful, spunky little droid and I’ve been known to come to the rescue of the Rebel crew. A certain princess hid the stolen technical plans for the Death Star in me, along with a distress message, which is how Luke Skywalker got involved in the shenanigans of the galaxy in the first place. Who am I?

Did you write your guesses down? May the fourth be with you, Star Wars fan. Below are the answers so you can tally up your results.


  1. Han Solo
  2. Princess Leia
  3. Yoda
  4. Jabba the Hutt
  5. Luke Skywalker
  6. Chewbacca
  7. Obi-Wan Kenobi
  8. C-3PO
  9. Darth Vader
  10. R2-D2

10 Correct Answers

You’re a true Star Wars aficionado. You might even give our team members a run for their money.

7-9 Correct Answers

That’s some pretty impressive stuff there. You’re no stranger to the ways of the Jedi.

4-6 Correct Answers

You know the basics. It wouldn’t hurt to brush up on the ins and outs of the galaxy in honor of May the 4th.

0-3 Correct Answers

You must be on team Star Trek but we still love you.

Happy the May the Fourth! Don’t forget to wear your Star Wars finest to our office on May the 4th in honor of the occasion. We’ll be sporting our costumes too. It might be the only time you can say you had your teeth examined by Chewbacca or Princess Leia. May the floss be with you!