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General Anesthesia

Occasionally, when treatment can’t be safely performed on a child while they’re awake and nitrous oxide sedation won’t be effective, the doctor may recommend general anesthesia. This is typically reserved for very young kids who require extensive restorative work since it eliminates the need for multiple visits, and children with high dental anxiety or special health care needs whose actions or movements during dental procedures could cause them harm. We have a board-certified anesthesiologist on staff that comes to the office with his team for these specialty cases. His experience combined with our high-tech equipment allows us to offer safe, in-office general anesthesia. We take the time to understand your child’s needs, evaluate their health history, present you with your different options and go over what you can expect. Your child will be in good hands at Innovative Pediatric Dentistry.

General Anesthesia

The Benefits of General Anesthesia

Your child will be in a deep sleep, so they won’t feel or remember the treatment, which helps prevent them from developing a fear of the dentist.
We can successfully treat patients who are unable to cooperate during procedures, such as infants and those with special health care needs or significant anxiety.
We can complete lengthy, complex or sensitive treatments much more quickly and accurately while eliminating the chance of injury and the need for multiple appointments.
General Anesthesia

How Does In-Office General Anesthesia Work?

Thanks to advances in medicine and technology, receiving general anesthesia in the office is no riskier than it is at a hospital or surgical center. We’ll conduct a thorough examination of your child’s medical status and health history as well as require them to have a physical before we determine if they’re a candidate for general anesthesia. If they are, we’ll provide you with detailed preoperative instructions and recommendations on how to prepare your child for the appointment to decrease any fear they’re feeling.

Our team will create an appropriate environment in the office for the procedure and our board-certified anesthesiologist and his staff will deliver the general anesthesia. Your dentist will get to work performing the necessary dental treatment while your child is in a deep sleep. Your little one will be closely monitored throughout the entire process to ensure their safety. Kids should rest after their visit but most patients are able to return to their normal activities within a day or two.

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