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NOMAD – Pedo Sensors

Intraoral x-rays are an extremely important part of a child’s dental care but the conventional way of taking them leaves a lot to be desired. With older x-ray machines that use film, patients have to sit very still, trying not to drool, while chomping down on bitewings that dig into their cheeks. Not exactly ideal for the younger crowd. Innovative Pediatric Dentistry is proud to offer low-radiation, digital x-rays using small pedo sensors and the handheld NOMAD x-ray device. Our Gendex™ digital pedo sensors replace those unwieldy bitewings and fit perfectly in little mouths for more comfortable, precise radiographs. They’re used in conjunction with our NOMAD, which looks a little like a prop from Star Wars. The dental assistant can take x-rays right there next to your child and they no longer need to hightail it out of the room, which can be scary for a kid. The device gets all of the correct angles from the get-go and the sensitive sensors let us capture the images with less radiation. The images show up instantly on our computer screen, decreasing appointment times and allowing for a squirm-free experience.

Portable, Handheld Machine

The NOMAD x-ray device is a convenient, handheld x-ray machine and it looks pretty cool too. It has a built-in shield to protect the operator, so they don’t need to leave the room.


The NOMAD takes x-rays twice as fast as a conventional machine and there’s no waiting around for film to be developed.

NOMAD - Pedo Sensors

Detailed Images

The Gendex digital sensors are placed in a patient’s mouth and as the NOMAD takes x-rays, crisp, detailed images are sent to our computer screen for improved diagnostic ability and the need for fewer retakes.

Comfortable and Safe

By taking x-rays in half the time and using small pedo sensors designed for a child’s mouth, kids are more comfortable and compliant. The digital system emits significantly less radiation than units that use film.

High-tech, low stress! Our innovative approach to care will make your child’s dental visits a breeze.