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While our dentists are tooth doctors here at Innovative Pediatric Dentistry, they do more than just look for decay. They’re interested in the oral cavity as a whole, which is why they sometimes need to see the bigger picture. That’s where our trusty i-CAT™ digital imaging system comes in. It takes digital, 3D scans while exposing your child to the least amount of radiation possible. We get incredibly detailed, multi-dimensional images of the teeth, jaws, gums, nerve pathways, joints and facial structure from every angle. We can change the contrast, zoom in and do a whole bunch of other neat things for superior diagnostics and precise treatment planning.

Have a Seat

Your child simply sits down while the machine quickly does its thing. The process is comfortable, safe and improves patient experience.

It’s Zippy

Images appear on our screen in seconds and we don’t have to develop any film, which saves time. We can also send x-rays instantly to any of your other doctors for coordinated care.


All About the Details

We get way more visual information than ever before with the detailed, high-definition, 3D images captured in an i-CAT™ scan.

Maximum Safety

Patients receive significantly less radiation with an i-CAT™ scan than they would with a conventional x-ray and there’s no need for retakes, decreasing the number of exposures required.

High-tech, low stress! Our innovative approach to care will make your child’s dental visits a breeze.