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Intra-Oral Cameras

Educating Little Ones on Oral Health

Our Naperville pediatric dentists use DEXcam™ intra-oral cameras for both educating young patients and their parents and for diagnostics. Dentists used to use mirrors to check out the soft tissues and teeth from certain angles and show patients what they wanted to point out. Now, we can do all this with comfortable, small intra-oral cameras. Not only are we able to get the best possible view of kids’ mouths, we can also show them images and a live video feed on our screen, allowing them to see exactly what we’re seeing.

Amazing Views

Our DEXcam intra-oral cameras are the size of a pen and they help us see your little one’s mouth from all angles. We’re able to get views of the soft tissues and enamel that would be otherwise impossible without our trusty camera.

Gives Diagnostics a Boost

Intra-oral cameras add another layer to our comprehensive diagnostics. When combined with digital x-rays, tools like CariVu and a visual exam, we can detect issues extremely early on, when treatment is less invasive or a preventative approach is still an option.

Intra-Oral Cameras

An Educational Tool

Kids can see what we’re seeing on our screen, helping them understand their mouth better and gain more insight into their oral health. We can point out areas of concern or show them how awesome they’re doing at brushing. It’s motivating and educational.

Gives Kids Confidence

Because intra-oral cameras let children see what we’re doing and what we’re looking at, it gives them a sense of control and eliminate some of the fear of the unknown. This makes going to the dentist less intimidating and allows them to play a proactive role in their care.

High-tech, low stress! Our innovative approach to care will make your child’s dental visits a breeze.