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Cavities better watch out because our DEXIS CariVu™ cavity-detector can spot them no matter where they’re hiding. The radiation-free, handheld device shines safe, near-infrared light straight through the teeth making the enamel look transparent while decay and cracks appear dark. We get a complete picture of the structure of the teeth and of cavities and fractures. When used in combination with x-rays, we don’t miss a thing. We can achieve the most accurate diagnosis each and every time, allowing us to treat more conservatively.

Top-Notch Diagnostics

When cavities are in certain positions, x-rays don’t catch them until they’re larger. CariVu™ gets in these hard-to-see areas for early intervention. The faster we address decay, the easier and less invasive treatment will be.


We can broadcast images of your little one’s teeth right on our screen to show you and your child what we’re seeing in real time. How’s that for motivating kids to floss? It also improves communication, enabling you to make informed decisions about your child’s care.


A Second Opinion

This little cavity-detector acts as a “second opinion.” When an x-ray shows a suspicious area, it gives us a closer view without exposing a patient to any more radiation. Even small areas of decay don’t go undetected and healthy teeth aren’t misdiagnosed as having cavities.

Zero Ionizing Radiation

CariVu™ is small, portable and emits no ionizing radiation at all. What’s not to love? It gets its powers by using trans-illumination technology, which is a fancy term for bathing a tooth in light to reveal its structure. Plus, because of its size, it’s comfy for little mouths.

High-tech, low stress! Our innovative approach to care will make your child’s dental visits a breeze.