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Special Needs Dental Care

Our dentists provide special needs dental care to patients of all ages. We treat patients with a range of physical, cognitive, developmental, emotional and medical conditions. We have the advanced training and expertise to offer compassionate, safe, personalized treatment that suits each and every patient’s individual needs.

Special Needs Dental Care

Benefits of Special Needs Dental Care

Patients can receive safe, effective care with treatment tailored to their needs.
We rely on our training to make the experience positive and stress-free for patients and caregivers.
Receiving regular dental care allows patients with special health care needs to avoid more invasive treatment.
Special Needs Dental Care

Gentle, Safe, Personalized

We understand that for people with special health care needs, getting the necessary dental treatment can be difficult and anxiety-inducing. At our practice, our dentists see patients with conditions including Down syndrome, autism and autism spectrum disorders, visual impairments, intellectual disabilities, cystic fibrosis, trauma patients and more. We treat patients and their families with the respect they deserve and do everything necessary to ensure exams, cleanings and procedures are safe, quick and effective. We use a variety of behavioral techniques to help patients relax and, when necessary, we also have the training and resources to offer nitrous oxide sedation and general anesthesia. We always discuss the pros and cons of the different approaches and educate our patients and their caregivers so they can make an informed decision.

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