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Diode Laser

Painless, Needle-Free Treatment

Lasers are a super exciting advancement in dentistry. Being the high-tech pediatric dental office we are, we offer Naperville diode laser treatment. We can use it for a whole bunch of different procedures, including encouraging tooth eruption, lip- and tongue-tie revisions, removing excess gum tissue and more. No needles are involved! We simply apply a topical anesthetic and the only thing your child will feel is the movement of the laser. While painless dentistry is great for everyone, it’s especially helpful for our younger patients and allows for faster, more efficient treatment.


Diode laser treatment is gentle and doesn’t require injecting an anesthetic. We rub some topical anesthesia on your child’s gums and they don’t feel anything except for the movement of the laser tip. Treatment is quick, painless and comfortable.

Maximum Precision

The laser gives our Naperville pediatric dentists more control than other treatment options. That means highly accurate procedures that don’t damage the surrounding tissue.

Diode Laser

Lots of Uses

Lasers are versatile tools. We can use them for a variety of different procedures, ranging from encouraging stubborn teeth to erupt to removing excess gum tissue.


Diode laser treatment is safe and effective for patients of all ages. Because of the lack of needles, it’s even great for infants and toddlers.

High-tech, low stress! Our innovative approach to care will make your child’s dental visits a breeze.