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Innovative Pediatric Dentistry is an Impression-Free Office!

Sometimes, we need to create a model of your child’s mouth. However, you won’t find any goopy, messy molds here. We use our iTero ® digital scanner, which means we’re an impression-free office. We can snap images of your kiddo’s teeth and gums in seconds and then receive a computerized 3D model of their mouth. The process is fast and comfortable and there’s zero radiation involved.

Small Wand

The lightweight, compact wand takes images of the teeth and gums in motion.

3D Model

A computerized 3D model of your child’s mouth is created, so your dentist can make custom appliances and treatment plans.



With digital scanning, there’s no radiation or putty. We get high-definition images instantly on our screen.


Having kids sit still while they bite into a goopy tray of putty is no fun. iTero scanner is a comfortable, quick alternative!

High-tech, low stress! Our innovative approach to care will make your child’s dental visits a breeze.