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Dry Shield

During a procedure, whether it’s applying sealants or fixing cavities, we need to isolate the area we’re working on and keep it dry. Some dentists use rubber dental dams to do this but they’re uncomfortable and leave patients with aching jaws. Not us! We use Dry Shield, an innovative all-in-one device that includes a comfy, child-sized mouthpiece and bite block, suction to get rid of spit and water, a tongue shield, and an oral pathway protector. We can work faster and prevent injury. Plus, it’s hands-free so the dental assistant can focus on your child while the dentist gets the job done.

The Perfect Fit

The pediatric mouthpieces are made from comfortable, soft silicone and come in different sizes for the perfect fit for every patient. The matching bite block offers support so the jaw doesn’t hurt and it gives the dentist improved visibility.

Out of the Way, Cheeks

The cheek retractor keeps cheeks out of the way, protecting them from injury while also letting the dentist see what they’re doing.

Dry Shield

Super Suction

Dry Shield features continuous, hands-free suction letting dental assistants multitask while keeping patients comfortable. There are holes and passageways in the mouthpiece, which further help with removing spit and water.

Dry Shield to the Rescue!

The device has a tongue and oral pathway shield to prevent accidental injury. It offers airway safety too by blocking debris and particles.

High-tech, low stress! Our innovative approach to care will make your child’s dental visits a breeze.