We’re a tech-savvy bunch here at Innovative Pediatric Dentistry. Our practices invest in the latest advances in patient care (and entertainment, of course). If it’s something that can keep the kiddos comfortable and safe while enhancing our efficiency and precision, you better believe it’s on our radar. Our state-of-the-art office are decked out with everything we need to ensure our patients have the healthiest smiles around.


This futuristic cavity-detecting wand is a diagnostic wonder and it enables us to spot decay without the need for additional x-rays.

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Dry Shield

DryShield is an all-in-one suction, retraction and bite block tool that improves patient comfort and lets us work more quickly.

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i-CAT gives us detailed 3D images of patients’ teeth and jaws with minimal radiation exposure.

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Pedo sensor- Nomad

So long, bitewings! Now we can take intraoral x-rays using tiny digital sensors and a handheld device.

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High-tech, low stress! Our innovative approach to care will make your child’s dental visits a breeze.