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Dental Sealants for Children

By March 3, 2016August 2nd, 2022Blog

Dental Sealants for Children

Dental sealants are acrylic based coatings that protect the chewing surfaces of your teeth from bacteria and plaque that cause tooth decay. They are usually applied where decay occurs frequently, which is along the molars and premolars. Tooth decay often happens in children as well as teens. When dental sealants are applied to the teeth, they protect the teeth from germs and food getting stuck to the grooves of the teeth. One of the best ways to protect your child’s (and even your adult) teeth from decay is to apply dental sealants.

After the dental sealant has been applied, it will make it easier for the toothbrush bristles to have access to all of the areas on your child’s tooth and will in turn, remove the plaque, which will eliminate risk of tooth decay. The teeth that will benefit the most from dental sealants are the permanent molars. Ideally, if the sealant is applied immediately after the teeth come in, this will prevent tooth decay.

The actual process to apply the sealant is very simple and does not require the use of drills or removal of tooth structure. The process takes about a few minutes for every tooth. The sealant usually remains intact for 5-10 years. After that time, you may require a second application, so consult your dentist if you want your child to have a reapplication.

Sealants come in different shades such as clear, white and tinted. This allows the application to not be seen when talking or smiling. Occasionally, you can feel the sealant with your tongue.

Sealants are a great option for children. The sealants will protect the child’s teeth for a long time and will help them brush efficiently. Children are more at risk for tooth decay so ask your pediatric dentist if a dental sealant is right for your child.