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Fun Dental Activities

By March 2, 2016August 2nd, 2022Blog

Fun Activities For Children’s Dental Health

Are you currently trying to teach your child about dental hygiene? Below you will find four activities that you could do with your child to promote good dental hygiene or facts about teeth.
Waiting for the Tooth Fairy

Each time your child looses a tooth, have them create a new “tooth holder” for the Tooth Fairy. Give your child a white envelope and have them decorate it whatever way they want. They can use crayon, markers, stickers, glitter or whatever else you have at your house. Suggest that they draw a picture of the Tooth Fairy or right a special note just for her.

 Happy Tooth, Sad Tooth Game

To begin, start by cutting out pictures of food from magazines. Ask the children to find healthy foods such as milk, water, fruits and vegetables and then, look for unhealthy foods such as chips, candy, and soda. Put all of the pictures into a large pile and create two different brown bags. On one bag, write “Happy Tooth” and on the other write “Sad Tooth”. Then, as a team, sort the pictures out and place them into the correct bag. While doing this activity, talk with your child about how when their diet improves, so does their teeth.

 Stringing Teeth

Children will have 20 primary (baby) teeth and then 32 adult teeth when they get older. Make a template of a tooth (2×2 inches) and have your kids trace and cut out 20 teeth on construction paper. Then thread a child’s plastic, large eye needle with dental floss and show the kids how to push the needle through the paper tooth. This will cause the shape to slide along the floss. Continue with this, as it will turn into a necklace. Secure the ends with a knot. If you want space between the teeth, use pieces of plastic straws. Ask your kids if they know why you used dental floss on the teeth.

Teaching kids about dental hygiene does not have to be boring. Create other activities so that your kids fully understand how important dental health is.

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