Wisdom Teeth Problems In Children

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Wisdom Teeth Can Cause Future Problems If Not Removed

Wisdom teeth are typically removed when a person reaches their late teens or early twenties. Most people, after consulting a dental professional, find themselves having to move forward with wisdom teeth extraction. Dentists and oral surgeons recommend the removal for four main reasons, as they believe that wisdom teeth create future problems.

First, and the most common reason why wisdom teeth should be removed is that the wisdom teeth have no room inside the individual’s mouth. Typically, the mouth of an adult can fit 28 teeth, which fills in most available space. When the wisdom teeth try to move in, they may not be able to erupt fully or become impacted. When the wisdom teeth are impacted, it is necessary to have them extracted.

Second, wisdom teeth could cause chronic pain in the gum lines surrounding them. This pain can be caused by an infection created by the wisdom teeth erupting. Pericoronitis is a condition that occurs when wisdom teeth start to come in and bacteria or food is trapped in the gums. This condition can cause the individual a lot of irritation.

Third, wisdom teeth should be removed if they do not come in aligned with the other teeth. When the teeth are misaligned, it can cause the rest of your teeth to shift over time. This can reverse the work that braces did and could damage the neighboring teeth.

Fourth, there is a possibility that cysts can develop around the wisdom teeth. Cysts happen when the sac near the wisdom tooth is filled with liquid. With these sacs of fluid, it could ruin the surrounding areas of an individual’s mouth. These sacs, if not treated properly, could turn into a tumor. Even though this is a rare occurrence, a tumor requires a more intense surgical procedure then having the wisdom teeth extracted in the first place.

Even though some people can live with their wisdom teeth, most of the time wisdom teeth can create more problems. Wisdom teeth could potentially not fit in the individual’s mouth, could create chronic pain, could make other teeth shift and could cause the development of cysts. Even though the wisdom teeth extraction process causes some discomfort for a few days, it is better to deal with the inconvenience of them for a short period of time rather than the more serious implications that could arise later in life.

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