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At Innovative Pediatric Dentistry, we are committed to the safety of our patients and staff. We are very excited to start seeing our patients again, and we have put in place advanced protocols to make your visit safe. Please read below for a quick introduction to these steps, and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Facemasks & Hand Sanitizer 

Every patient will be asked to wear a face mask or facial covering and to thoroughly disinfect their hands before entering the clinical area of our practice. 

Pre-Screening of Every Patient

A quick health questionnaire along with a no-touch temperature check will be completed when you arrive at our office.

Virtual Waiting Room 

Your car is our new waiting room. Please stay in your car until we are ready for you. 

One Parent or Guardian Only 

For now, we request just one parent or guardian to accompany a patient up to the office entrance. For patients 3 years old and younger, one parent or guardian will be required in the treatment room. 

Safety Champion 

Each day, one person will be designated to guide our Commitment to Safety. This includes greeting patients, answering questions, ensuring social distancing, and overall monitoring.

Teeth Brushing

Please brush your teeth before arriving at the office. Our brushing stations are temporarily paused. 

No Magazines or Activities 

We temporarily paused our kidzFlix cinema, kidzCave arcade room, iBar and coffee & tea stations. This may make our reception area a little less exciting, but it makes it much safer as well. 

Social Distancing in Effect

Our treatment chairs are all spaced 6 feet apart, so there’s plenty of room between patients. 

Cleaning After Every Appointment

Enhanced cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting protocols are in place to keep you safe and healthy. 

CDC-Approved Instrument Sterilization

 As always, we will continue our high-level disinfection between patients, hospital grade sterilization of instruments, and appropriate use of personal protective equipment.

Antimicrobial Rinse

Every patient will be asked to rinse with antiseptic mouth rinse prior to treatment. 

Appointment Rescheduling 

Please reschedule your appointment if anyone in your household has been sick in the last 14 days. 

Advanced Staff Training & Health Checks 

Each member of our team has completed additional awareness and prevention programs to enhance their knowledge to provide safe dental care. Each day, we complete health checks for our team with no-touch temperature checks and a quick set of questions. 


Our appointment check-in process is changing for the time being. We look forward to when we can welcome everyone into our reception area again, but for now, we will be limiting the number of guests coming in and out of the office.

On the day of your appointment, please follow our new procedure:

1. Stay in Your Car 

When you arrive for your scheduled appointment, please stay in your car. 

2. Text us at (630) 394-5779

Text us the patient’s full name and date of birth to let us know you have arrived. 

3. Wait for the Reply 

When our office is ready to see your child, you will receive a text message back. 

4. Come to the Office 

After receiving our text, please escort your child up to the office entrance (Suite #216). Please note that only one parent or guardian is permitted to accompany the patient up to the entrance. 

5. Schedule Next Visit 

Once the appointment is complete, we will give you a call to schedule the next appointment and let you know you can pick up your child. Please note that the future appointment must be scheduled. 

Thank you for your understanding as we work together to achieve your best smile! As the situation continues to progress, we’ll keep you updated on what’s happening in the office. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions! We are looking forward to seeing you soon! 

Innovative Pediatric Dentistry Team 

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