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Everything You Should Know About Our Pediatric Dental Technology

By June 19, 2018August 2nd, 2022Blog

As a Naperville pediatric dental practice, we aim to make visits fun, engaging and exciting for kids because when they love going to the dentist, they’ll be more likely to maintain good oral hygiene for life. However, having positive dental experiences goes beyond things like toys, our awesome arcade game room and movie theater, our caring team and the inviting atmosphere and also includes ensuring procedures are safe, quick, comfortable and effective. That’s why at Innovative Pediatric Dentistry, our practice is decked out with proven, advanced pediatric dental technology. These amazing diagnostic and treatment tools help us provide outstanding care, while making visits stress-free for both kids and parents. Here are some of the innovations you’ll find at our Naperville children’s dental practice:

Pediatric Dental Technology

Low-Dose Digital X-Rays With NOMAD™ and Pedo Sensors

Intra-oral x-rays are a really important part of your child’s dental care (or anyone’s care for that matter!). We need x-rays to see between and inside of the teeth and underneath the gums and without superhero vision, we just can’t do that with an examination alone. X-rays can detect decay, abscesses, impacted teeth and other issues early on, while treatment is much easier and less invasive.

We know parents are often concerned about radiation exposure but dental x-rays carry a far smaller risk than undetected and untreated dental problems. While traditional bitewing x-rays are considered safe and account for a tiny amount of the overall x-ray exposure limits, we make things even safer. We use digital x-rays that emit a fraction of the radiation of conventional x-rays and they give us high-definition images, reducing the need for retakes and filtering out any unnecessary exposure. We also follow strict safeguards and only take x-rays when needed and shield kids with lead aprons.

At our office, we take these intraoral x-rays with one of our favorite innovations in pediatric dental technology: NOMAD™.  It’s a handheld, low-dose digital x-ray device (it actually looks like something from Star Wars!). We also use small pedo sensors instead of unwieldy bitewings. The sensors are sized to fit little mouths and are a lot more comfortable. We put the sensitive, digital sensors in your child’s mouth and a dental assistant takes the x-rays with the NOMAD while sitting right next to your kiddo. The device has a built-in shield, so the assistant doesn’t have to leave the room, which was always a bit scary for some children. The crisp, clear images show up instantly on our screen and there’s no waiting around for film to be developed. The process is super fast, safe and tolerable to even the squirmiest of kids.

i-CAT® Digital Imaging

Every so often, we need to see the bigger picture and capture images of your child’s entire oral cavity. We do this with our i-CAT® digital imaging system, which gives us incredibly detailed, multi-dimensional images of the teeth, jaws, nerve pathways, gums, joints and facial structure from every angle for precise diagnostics. It emits way less radiation than conventional x-rays and due to the accuracy and features like being able to zoom and enhance the contrast, it reduces the need for retakes, in turn decreasing the number of exposures. Your child simply sits down while the machine completes a 3D scan in seconds and it shows up directly on our computer. We can also send the x-rays to other doctors instantly for coordinated care.

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Another fantastic piece of pediatric dental technology is the DEXIS CariVu™. It’s a handheld, radiation-free, cavity detector that shines a special light through the teeth. In the light, enamel looks transparent and decay and cracks show up as dark. The combination of CariVu detection and x-rays ensures we never miss a thing and by getting an accurate diagnosis early on, we can treat more conservatively. It can reveal decay in the hard-to-reach areas that aren’t always caught on x-rays or, if we see a suspicious spot on an x-ray, it will give us a second opinion without exposing your child to any additional radiation. CariVu is small and comfortable and we can show your child what we see on our screen, improving communication and adding a little motivation to floss!


The last piece of pediatric dental technology we’re going to talk about today is DryShield®. It’s a great addition to our office. For some procedures, like painting on sealants or fixing a cavity, we have to keep the area we’re working on isolated and dry. In the past, rubber dental dams were the norm but they were uncomfortable and kids would have aching jaws afterwards. We use DryShield, an all-in-one device that features a comfortable, child-sized mouthpiece, a bite block, suction, a tongue protector and an oral pathway protector. It’s hands-free, so while the dentist is working on your child’s mouth, the assistant can focus on your little one. It also enables us to get things done more quickly and accurately while preventing injury.

The DryShield mouthpiece is made of soft, silicone and comes in different sizes for the perfect fit. It has a matching bite block that supports the jaw so kids don’t need to hold their mouth open for a long period of time and the dentist can see clearly. The cheek retractor keeps cheeks out of the way for better visibility and the tongue and oral pathway protectors ward off accidental injury and block debris from entering the airway. The hands-free, continuous suction is also a big plus because it gets rid of spit and water without having tons of hands jostling for position.

We think our patients deserve the best! That’s why we use proven, effective pediatric dental technology to give them comprehensive care in a way that’s safe, comfortable and quick. If you’re looking for a Naperville kids’ dentist or you’d like to learn more about our high-tech approach, schedule an appointment for your child at Innovative Pediatric Dentistry today online or by calling us at (630) 848-PEDO. We’d love to partner with you to keep your little one’s smile healthy and bright!