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10 Tooth Fairy Ideas That Will Delight Your Kids

By February 10, 2020February 23rd, 2023Blog

The Tooth Fairy is one busy fairy. She makes her way all around the world slipping treats under kids’ pillows in exchange for their teeth and she does it without waking anyone up. Talk about talent! However, with her doing so much work on her own, sometimes she needs a little help from parents to really bring the magic. Here are some fun Tooth Fairy ideas for making special memories with your child:

1. Read a Tooth Fairy Bedtime Story

To get kids into the spirit and introduce them to the Tooth Fairy, read a book about her when they lose their first tooth. You could even make it a tradition where you break out the book every time she’s about to pay a visit. Scholastic has a list of Tooth Fairy books that make for great bedtime reads!

2. Make a Tooth Fairy Pillow to Store Precious Baby Teeth

Don’t risk losing a tiny tooth under a regular-sized pillow before the Tooth Fairy can get her hands on it. Instead, make a Tooth Fairy pillow that has a little pocket to hold your kiddo’s baby tooth until it’s time for the big exchange. You can put the Tooth Fairy pillow under their larger pillow or just set it on their nightstand. For super light sleepers or kids who are apprehensive about a nighttime visit from a fairy, add a ribbon and hang the pillow from their doorknob. There are plenty of cute pillows available for purchase or to do a craft with your little one, try this whimsical DIY Tooth Fairy pillow (bonus: it’s a no-sew project).

3. Call the Tooth Fairy on the Phone

The Sacramento District Dental Society has a hotline where kids can call the Tooth Fairy to see what she’s up to and get educational tidbits about oral health via a pre-recorded message. The number is (916) 446-1310. Give her a ring!

4. Write a Letter to the Tooth Fairy

Have your little one write a Tooth Fairy letter thanking her for the visit. You can even leave a response for them to find in the morning. Of course, the letters will have to be Tooth Fairy sized, so cut out a small piece of paper for your message. You can also make a small envelope using paper and tape. Or, buy some adorable, tiny envelopes on Etsy ideal for Tooth Fairy notes.

5. Let the Tooth Fairy Know She’s at the Right House

The Tooth Fairy has to be tired after flying around to so many houses every night. Make sure she doesn’t miss yours by giving her a sign that she’s at the right home. Go outside with your child before they go to bed and leave a little trail of glitter up your walkway or on your porch to signal that a tooth awaits. You can find biodegradable glitter on Amazon that’s safe to use outdoors on your lawn. While you have the glitter around, you could also leave a few fairy footprints on a windowsill for your child to find in the morning.

6. Leave Behind a Tooth Fairy Receipt

Create a Tooth Fairy receipt and leave it with the money under your child’s pillow. It can have your child’s name, address, age, how many teeth were under the pillow and how much money was left. There are a ton of free Tooth Fairy receipt printables online that you can download and customize.

7. Include Tooth-Friendly Gifts

Of course, kids are thrilled to find money under their pillow but you might also want to consider adding some smile-related gifts, especially for the first tooth. Include things that encourage amazing oral hygiene like a cool toothbrush, delicious, kid-friendly toothpaste, new dental floss and a timer that lets kids know when their two minutes of brushing are up. When these items come directly from the Tooth Fairy, it can make kids even more motivated to put them to good use.

8. Oops, the Tooth Fairy Dropped Her Wand

Like we said, the Tooth Fairy must be exhausted so it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility that she’d occasionally drop a wand. Any little kid would be thrilled to find the Tooth Fairy’s wand in their bedroom the morning after her visit. Anders Ruff Design has a tutorial for an easy, yet incredibly cute, DIY Tooth Fairy wand involving felt and a paper straw. It would be perfect to leave on the scene.

9. Add Sparkle to Your Money

One of our favorite Tooth Fairy ideas is to sparklify (yup, that’s definitely a word) coins or dollar bills. After all, a magnificent being like the Tooth Fairy would never leave behind ho-hum currency. To give the appearance of fairy dust, you can paint coins using metallic paint and then sprinkle them with glitter before letting them dry. Or, use glitter spray on dollar bills. If you live in the Naperville area, parents can stop by Innovative Pediatric Dentistry on National Tooth Fairy Day, Friday, February 28, between 8am and 4pm to have their dollar bills coated in fairy dust (glitter spray) for free at our Tooth Fairy event.

10. Meet the Tooth Fairy

While all of these Tooth Fairy ideas are fun and can make the tradition even more special, you know what will really take things up a notch? Actually meeting the Tooth Fairy! We won’t just be making dollar bills sparkle at our Tooth Fairy event on Friday, February 28. When you swing by between 8am and 4pm, kids can meet the Tooth Fairy and take pictures with her. We’ll also be giving out goody bags.

Hopefully our Tooth Fairy ideas will help make the process of your child losing their pearly whites fun and exciting. To ensure the Tooth Fairy is collecting baby teeth that are in tip-top shape, schedule a visit with our Naperville pediatric dentists today by calling us at (630) 848-PEDO. And, don’t forget to visit on National Tooth Fairy Day, Friday, February 28! 

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