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How to Get Your Kiddo to LOVE Brushing Their Teeth (We Promise!)

Inside the guide, parents will:

  • Discover how to make brushing stress-free with not just one or two but a wide variety of kid-approved activities to make brushing and flossing a breeze.
  • Receive fun, done-for-you printables to engage your child in brushing techniques and give them self-motivation (sticker charts or adorable teeth-related crafts, anyone?).
  • Peace of mind that the very real struggle of getting your kids to enjoy brushing their teeth is achievable today.
  • Improve your child’s oral health. When your kid actually likes brushing, it means healthier teeth and gums and potentially fewer cavities!


Fun Activities Brush Teeth
Do you dread when it’s time to brush your child’s teeth every day, twice a day?
Do you wish there was a way to get it done without complaining, screaming or hiding?

On some days, you might even feel like giving in and letting your child get away with not brushing their teeth.

You’re not alone and it can get easier today.

Hey there, we’re Innovative Pediatric Dentistry, a team of Naperville kids’ dentists who see parents just like you day in and day out. We know how hard it can be to get your kids to enjoy brushing their teeth.

We know, it might feel difficult right now. In fact, you probably got kicked or cried at this morning or, if your kiddo is a bit older, they might have even tried to pull the whole I’m-going-to-just-rub-toothpaste-on-my-teeth-and-tell-my-parents-I-brushed-and-flossed trick.

Your child isn’t destined for a mouthful of cavities for the rest of their life yet. The challenge for kids and brushing their teeth is that it feels repetitive, and having to do it twice a day makes it that much worse. That’s why we’ve created an interactive brushing guide to help turn brushing teeth into an engaging and exciting experience for kids, which will help remove your stress when it’s time to brush.

Download a FREE copy of 12 Fun Activities to Get Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth. The interactive guide will help end the struggle once and for all!

This FREE guide is only available for a limited time.

Download your copy of 12 Fun Activities to Get Kids to Brush Their Teeth today and stop struggling over your little one’s teeth brushing routine!