Lip and Tongue Tie Release

Symptoms like difficulty latching and popping off the breast, pain while nursing, gassiness, reflux and colic, poor weight gain or clicking noises while sucking can be indications of a lip or tongue tie. The issue doesn’t just strike newborns either. Sometimes, when children have problems with speech it’s from an undiagnosed lip tie or tongue tie as well. Innovative Pediatric Dentistry can help! Our expert dentists offer laser lip and tongue tie release in Naperville, also known as a laser frenectomy.

Benefits of Laser Lip and Tongue Tie Release

Quickly and painlessly releases lip and tongue ties (no needles!).
Can improve latching and allow for successful feeding and weight gain.
In children, lip and tongue tie release can help with their speech.

Quick, Painless and Effective!

A tongue tie is when a baby has a tight, short lingual frenulum (the tissue that connects the base of the tongue to the bottom of the mouth). This can restrict the tongue’s movement. A lip tie is when the labial frenulum, or the tissue that runs from the upper front teeth to the lip, is too thick or tight. Lip and tongue ties can interfere with nursing and bottle feeding in babies and speech, if they continue into childhood.

At Innovative Pediatric Dentistry, our dentists are experts in laser frenectomies. We can use the laser for painless lip and tongue tie release. No anesthesia or needles are necessary and the safe, simple procedure only takes a few minutes. A laser frenectomy is billed to your medical insurance and is typically a covered procedure. We do ask that parents get a referral from their primary care physician or lactation consultant prior to scheduling the visit with us. When the treatment is finished, your child should experience improvements in feeding and speech.

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